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Finding a Relationship Coach in Sydney: What You Need to Know.

If you're single in Sydney and longing to find love, read on.

Couple holding hands and in love.
Couple holding hands

What is Relationship Coaching?

Do you long to find love and be in a permanent relationship? To find that person that you are happy to come home to. And do you feel like you’ve tried almost everything to find love? I hear you. Some time ago before I met my partner, I felt alone and exhausted from dating. I was lost as to how I could find a loving relationship with a partner who could bring joy and happiness to my life. Let’s face it; dating in Sydney can be exhausting and disappointing at times.

So what did I do? I sought out a relationship coach myself, who also happened to be a Clinical Psychologist. It worked out pretty well for me. I am blessed with a wonderful, kind partner who makes me feel like I can always rely on him.

Now I help others find love by sharing everything I have learnt on my eye-opening journey. I’m going to take you through why I think seeking a relationship coach is a great move. I’ll describe how they can help, and what to look out for in choosing the right relationship coach to work with.

So, what exactly is a relationship coach? A relationship coach is a coach: your personal cheerleader and mentor who has studied all things love and relationships, and uses their specialised knowledge and training to help you find love. They should provide specific strategies and tips about navigating dating, how to identify emotionally healthy partners, how to soothe anxiety when dating, how to transition into a relationship and how to communicate your needs. Most importantly, I believe a relationship coach should help you heal any inner wounds (such as self-doubt, lack of self-love, mistrust in others, or fear of abandonment) that have prevented you from finding a healthy love. They can help you identify unhelpful dating or relationship patterns, and work with you to develop more proactive and intentional behaviours to find love. A relationship coach should support you with both inner work (self-healing, self-soothing) and outer work (dating strategies and actions).

Why use a Relationship Coach in Sydney?

If we had a persistent illness, we’d seek medical advice. If we are longing to find love and haven’t been able to solve that, surely it makes sense to seek out an expert. The fact is we all have blind spots when it comes to finding love and the perfect partner in Sydney. And our lives are busy! So why not streamline and fine-tune our approach to love?

Relationship coaching facilitates a process of self-growth and insight. When I work with a client, I work on understanding their family upbringing, past relationships, comfort with their own emotions and ability to be vulnerable. I also help them understand dating red flags, emotional maturity in a partner, as well as work on self-love, healthy boundaries and self-expression, and soothing their anxious attachment style. A relationship coach also helps you hold hope and optimism about finding a partner, helping you decide your most important relationship and partner values.

Five tips to find the right Relationship Coach for you

Check their credentials and story: I would encourage you to look at a prospective relationship coach’s training and qualifications, as they can range quite considerably, from several years of learning to very short courses. Their qualifications should be transparent.

For example, I am a Clinical Psychologist with six years of university training in human relationships. I have an additional year training in couples and family therapy, and have specialised training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and in Schema Therapy; both are evidence-based modalities backed strongly by scientific research. I also add my own years in therapy and wisdom from a psychologist/relationship coach, which healed my own relationship patterns and helped me find love. I think a combination of professional and lived experience is an asset. See if their story resonates with you; have they walked in your shoes and done the work to find love? It’s worth doing your research.

Ask about their track record: Look for honesty and transparency in a prospective relationship coach. If you are going to pay for a service, you deserve answers. Do ask questions about other clients that have been helped by your prospective relationship coach. Do be direct in your communication and with your goals and expectations. Look for clarity in their offer, and fees that sit well with you. My fees and what you can expect are openly available online.

Listen to how you feel: Many relationship coaches offer a complimentary 15 minute chat to answer your questions about working with them and to see if you fit. Assess if you feel understood, and if you sense you had a good connection. You shouldn't feel pressured in your decision to work with anyone, ever.

Make sure their methods make sense to you: Whatever the modality of counselling or coaching that you choose, ask yourself: does this method resonate with me? If you are a logical, rational person, choosing a coach whose methods are backed by scientific research would be important. If you value feeling safe and having a good rapport with your coach, empathy and warmth is important to you.

Their work is personalised to your unique situation: You are a unique individual with a unique set of life experiences and preferences. I believe a good relationship coach will tailor their advice and support based on who you are. There’s not a one-size fits all approach to dating and love, and a good relationship coach will accommodate your needs.

Couple happy and in love.
Couple in love.

Is relationship coaching right for me?

Relationship Coaching is right for you if you have lots of insight into your history and patterns of behaviour and are ready to get to work; it is also right for you if you are willing to date and get outside of your comfort zone. My relationship coaching clients tend to be smart, professional, hardworking individuals with a full and happy life, and feel ready to share that with someone. It suits those who have done some previous self-work, know themselves well, and are ready to take that to the next level.

The bottom line…

Finding love is possible. My own experience shows me that. However, it can be sped up by working with a Relationship Coach in Sydney or elsewhere, who can help you identify your blind spots and develop a personalised action plan to engage in the dating world. Relationship coaching can be an important step on your journey to finding love. For me, it helped me ride the bumps of dating, and find someone who matched me well.

Do you want professional help from a relationship coach to find love?

If you think you’re ready to uncover the blocks that have prevented you from having the loving relationship of your dreams, help is out there. As a registered Clinical Psychologist, couples therapist, and relationship coach, I use evidence-based strategies such as Schema Therapy and coaching to address finding love and building an intimate relationship with a partner. I work from my rooms in Randwick, Sydney and also online.

If you are curious to learn more, reach out to me here:

With love, Phoebe


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