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Meet Phoebe

You'll love working with me if you appreciate a therapist who is warm, authentic, funny, and direct with her advice. I take my job of helping you have a happy relationship very seriously. You can work with me in person or online. 

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Meet Phoebe: The Relationship Seeker

I aim to be authentic in my practice. My journey may resonate with your own. I'm a sensitive and empathic female who had always longed for a loving, secure relationship. My journey to get there has been bumpy to say the least. Despite having doubts, I always held on to hope that a meaningful intimate relationship was something I could have.


After I ended my last relationship, I knew there was more self-work to be done and vowed to myself to never repeat the patterns of my past. It didn’t happen without conscious work and going inwards. I committed myself to therapy and learning all I could to heal myself; no more self-sacrificing; no more shame for my emotional needs or longing for a partner (we are relational beings!); no more choosing partners who were emotionally unavailable. I learnt to sit with my fear of loneliness and soothe myself.


I found Schema Therapy and Coaching  to be incredibly healing for me, giving me clear answers to my relationship patterns and methods to break these patterns. Understanding my own attachment style and relational patterns was also a key to me finding love. I keenly applied very practical strategies to get through lots of anxious moments of dating and relationship progression, and learnt to connect to my Inner Child (this was the breakthrough that helped me heal). Becoming more secure in expressing myself and my needs without shame, and learning that I would never abandon me was truly empowering. I would love to share what I’ve learnt with you. It has guided me to the love that I always desired. And even better, I have witnessed the women I work with find healthier and happier relationships.


I offer a range of relationship support options, including the women’s online group and individual sessions, which offer pragmatic skills that can be immediately applied after our first meeting. You’re only one step away from a happier you.

Meet Phoebe: The Knowledge Seeker

Put simply, I love all things love and relationships. I’m a knowledge seeker who adores reading and travel, and is curious about life. I was drawn to the helping profession early on, having grown up with parents who are nurses. You’ll find me warm refreshingly honest, vulnerable and real. My own experiences in therapy deeply inform how I work.


I jumped straight into study after high school, and have been a Clinical Psychologist since 2011.  I have a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with Honours in Psychology from The University of New South Wales (2008) and a Master in Psychology (Clinical) from the University of Wollongong (2010). 


And whilst I embarked on my career as a Psychologist, my life and relationships unfolded and revealed my own relationship struggles. Like many of my clients, I struggled in relationships, and felt that my training was not sufficient to help me overcome these struggles. I went back to study and completed the Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling (taught by counsellors from Relationships Australia). I have been working with couples since 2018, and continue to love this work. I am truly humbled by the courage and vulnerability I witness each day.

Why work

with Phoebe:

I’ve helped countless others find love

(and was my own guinea pig first)


I work with single and partnered women, and offer individual and couples work.

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