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The Benefits of Relationship Counselling in Sydney

Sydney city and harbour
Sydney: a vibrant city for living, working and dating

When I think of Sydney, these words come to mind: busy, bustling, fast-paced. Sydney is diverse in terms of its culture and landscapes, and as a city to date in, Sydney can be both exciting and challenging. The fun part of dating in Sydney: stunning scenic walks, countless cafés, parks, and beaches, and cosy and vibrant nightspots. We’re blessed with delicious food and coffee, and decent climate. There are so many choices in where to head or a first date, from more casual to impressive. The challenging part: we work a lot, our days can be hectic, and we value working hard. Countless clients have also described Sydney as isolating and lonely at times, and if you are new to the city, it can take some time to develop solid relationships. Personally, I think living in a large and diverse city like Sydney can work to your advantage when dating and trying to meet a potential partner. The numbers can increase your odds of meeting your person, if you apply diligence and persistence.

When I was ready to start dating again, I was very deliberate, thoughtful and intentional about the process. I was of an age where I was serious about meeting someone for a long-term relationship and didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past. So, to help me with the process, I enlisted help from a psychologist. Let me share with you some of the unique benefits of seeking relationship counselling or coaching, particularly in a city like Sydney.

Since Sydney can be busy, bustling and fast-paced, relationship coaching can help you with ideas about how to develop meaningful connections with others in this city. Relationship coaching and counselling can help you develop skills in open communication and vulnerability, and be more at ease with sharing your hopes and desires for a relationship.

Many busy professionals live in Sydney and tend to prioritise work. Meeting with a relationship counsellor or coach can help you focus on your relationship values and goals. For example, to clarify how important it is to you to meet a partner, and to learn further about what you long for in a partner. I work with many busy professionals who are longing to meet their future partner, and benefit from relationship counselling, as it allows them to cement their relationship values, the qualities they value in a partner, and how to develop resilience, stamina, hope, optimism and clarity around dating. Dating in Sydney, whether using the apps or not can be hard work, and so relationship counselling can assist with this process.

Sydney has a high proportion of singles and single-person households, and according to census statistics this has risen over the past few years. (See this article here: ). I imagine this is for several reasons, that it is more socially acceptable to be single, and that we are choosing to be single rather than stay in unhappy relationships. Seeking relationship counselling or coaching can help clarify your readiness to date, or your important relationship lessons. I had spent so much of my life focusing on my education and career, dedicating so much time to learning all I could about my profession. I really believe that we should equally invest in understanding our relationship patterns and choices. If you’re a busy professional, you may relate to this.

Whilst relationship counselling or coaching can assist with themes around dating, relationship values, and partner choice, I also work with couples who have been together for several years, and have lost their sense of connection to each other. Perhaps the pressures of rising cost of living, developing their careers in Sydney, or raising a young family, have taken their toll. Relationship counselling can also support such couples to be more open, vulnerable and prioritise their relationship again. I often find even a handful of relationship counselling sessions with such couples provides them with the space to truly listen to and understand each other, and then develop plans to focus on quality time and reconnecting.

There are absolute challenges regarding dating and maintaining a loving and connected relationship, especially in a city like Sydney, where work-life balance can be neglected. Relationship counselling or coaching can be a helpful resource for busy professionals who want to develop insight into their relationship or dating patterns, and fast-track finding the partner they long for, or help you connect more deeply with your current partner.

Happy dating, mating, and connecting in Sydney and beyond!

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