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Dating and Relationship Counselling for Women

1:1 coaching across 2-3 months

My relationship packages are designed for women who are seeking the relationship they’ve always dreamed of. I use both counselling and coaching skills in my work. Counselling refers to my empathy and ability to connect with you, as well as the questions I ask to assess your patterns. Coaching refers to the direct and specific feedback and solutions I will provide you with based on my detailed assessment.


As a woman who struggled for many years in intimate relationships, and found dating exhausting, I want to pass on what I’ve learnt over many years. My coaching work is guided by Clinical Psychology (ideas from Attachment Theory and Schema Therapy) and my own personal learning from therapy and a relationship coach. I believe dating and relationships should be joyful, loving, playful, and a source of happiness, especially when it’s guided in self-awareness. 


My relationship counselling and coaching is designed for women who are actively dating and looking for a partner, as well as those women seeking more satisfaction from their current relationships. The program ranges between two to three months depending if you would like weekly 30 minute consults or prefer to space them out. 

Coaching Package Fee: $1,500

Your one on one coaching will span across two to three months, and includes the following:


Pre-assessment questionnaires and feedback focusing on relationship themes and patterns including:

  • Schemas (belief systems formed in chilhood)

  • Attachment style (sense of safety in relationships and how we regulate our relationship needs)

  • Communication patterns (comfort with expressing emotions and needs)

Initial Consult

An initial one hour consultation to clarify relationship blocks and goals for dating/your relationship going forward, including the plan about how you can achieve this

  • Includes email, voice memos and text support between sessions

  • Resource or book recommendations

Relationship Counselling / Coaching

8 x 30 minute sessions that are focused on finding solutions to common dating and relationship questions:

  • What are my patterns in the partners I attract?

  • How do I identify a healthy partner and assess their emotional availability?

  • How to feel more secure in expressing needs and feelings in a relational way

  • Understanding any attachment patterns e.g. how to self-soothe an anxious attachment style and cope with distancing from a partner

  • Building an authentic, real dating profile to attract like-minded potential partners

  • How can I ride the rollercoaster that is dating and stay afloat when rejected? 

  • How do I identify relationship green flags?

  • How much should I value chemistry or connection?

Individual session:
(50-60 minutes)

Individual session:
(30 minutes)

Couples session:
(50-60 minutes)

Non package fees:

individual session.png
couples sessions.png
Services Background

1 on 1 Counselling / Coaching with Phoebe

Through Relationship counselling and coaching I conduct a detailed assessment of your relationship patterns and provide direct feedback and solutions. We will explore your past to help you understand your patterns. However, we will work largely in the present, providing you with skills to self-soothe anxiety, comfort distress, and develop self-love so that you can bring more authenticity and joy to dating or a relationship.

Relationship Coaching
Couple Therapy

What about Couples Therapy?

In couples therapy, we work on unpacking the role of each individual in the relationship dynamic and explore more deeply influences such as trauma, childhood, family belief systems, and conditioning. Couples therapy is more beneficial for patterns that have been stuck for a very long time. For more on couples therapy and how I work, please see

Individual Therapy

A word on


Please speak to Phoebe if you are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, as well as relationship concerns, as we will need to address this in our work together. I can offer a personalised treatment plan depending on your personal and relationship needs.

Private Coaching

1 on 1 Counselling / Coaching:

How I work

My work involves healing the parts of you that unconsciously guide you to repeat unsatisfying relationship patterns. Themes we may address include: self-sacrificing, fear of abandonment, defectiveness and shame, worthiness, hopelessness, mistrust, negativity and pessimism, emotional inhibition, approval-seeking, emotional deprivation, or unrelenting standards. I will also look into your attachment style and relationship history. When these themes are present they can block our relationship needs being met. They can play out in the partners we chose or how we express ourselves within our relationships.


Much of my work will be guided by Schema Therapy; I will teach your wiser part (‘Healthy Adult’) to self-soothe you in difficult times, identify your needs, and help you confidently express them.


I believe relationships are a key human need and can be a huge source of meaning and happiness. My coaching is for those who want to build a joyful and long-lasting relationship with a like-minded partner. Coaching is suitable for those at any stage of their relationship. I offer relationship coaching to everyone.

Private Coaching

Relationship Coaching Package:

Program Details

My relationship counselling / coaching packages are made for those who are seeking the relationship they’ve always hoped for. My work is guided by ideas from Attachment Theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Schema Therapy and my own personal journey. I believe dating and relationships should be joyful, loving, playful, and a source of happiness.


My relationship coaching package involves an initial one hour session to offer feedback on your relationship themes, explore patterns, and to collaborate on goals for coaching. Feedback will be based upon an initial assessment package that you complete prior to this session.


We also book in eight 30 minute sessions that are held at weekly intervals (this can be adapted according to your needs, relationship worries, or triggers). Relationship coaching will last across two to three months depending on frequency of sessions.

For more information
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0404 247 383


Contact now for a 15 minute intial consult:

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