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The Complete Toolkit for Dating & Maintaining Love Course:
A Women's Group

For All Women Looking to Develop More Self-Love, Date Successfully, Find a Healthy Partner or Cultivate More Love and Security With Their Current Partner

The best part: doing the work with the support and encouragement of other women on the same journey

February 2024 start

Early bird (till 19-Jan) price: $749

Standard price: $849

Groups are held Tuesdays 6-8pm AEST via Zoom

want to refer a friend? you'll both pay $749 

I value helping you meet your relationship goals and so I will assess your attachement style, love languages, and schemas (relationship patterns that repeat and block finding a healthy love). Group format: 1 hour interactive discussion on the psychology of relationships e.g. Attachment Styles, Shame and Self-Worth, Red Flags and Emotional Maturity. Followed by 1 hour of diving deeper, where we practice skills such as self-soothing our inner child, shifting our internal dialgoue around relationships, and challenging the beliefs that block us from finding a healthy relationship.

Pre-group work

We clarify your relationship values and needs, and set personal goals for dating and a healthy relationship.


We begin to unpack the role of family of origin and lessons learnt about love and relationships and the impact of this on the relationships we end up in.


We begin to set goals to bring conscious awareness and intention to dating, so that you have a solid plan that supports finding and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Week One

We delve into Attachment Styles (how we bond) and the impact of this on our relationships.


We will cultivate skills in soothing an anxious attachment or overcoming avoidance of vulnerability.


We will delve into the concept of Emotional Maturity and how it relates to dating red flags, green flags and a healthy partner choice.

Week Two

We delve deeper into the schemas (core relationship patterns) that are showing up in your life and blocking a healthy love; we cover themes such as Fear of Abandonment, Shame, and Emotional Deprivation; worries about others leaving us, low self-worth, or the belief that others can't emotionally nurture me can prevent finding a healthy love.


We will develop skills in soothing fears and anxiety, showing up with more self-love and practicing the art of emottional vulnerability.

Week Three

We solidify our understanding of schemas by clarifying the beliefs and behaviours that have kept you stuck, so that you can start to shift these patterns.

We will further develop self-dialogues (self-talk) that can support you to make the change necessary.


I will help you through any blocks to self-love, vulnerability and hope in finding love. We're also going to talk about chemistry (and it's pitfalls), so you can feel more confident in your dating choices.

Week Four

We will work on listening to and understanding your 'Inner Child'. That deepest more vulnerable part of you that feels shame, sadness, or anxiety within relationships, and is hypervigilant to things going wrong.

We're going to put her in safe hands by listening to our wisdom or 'Healthy Adult' that knows how a healthy, secure, loving relationship feels.

The collective wisdom of the group will support you here. We'll look at the five core needs for emotional wellbeing.

Week Five

We will cover shame or feelings of worthlessness around love. Many women can feel shame for being sensitive, emotional beings and haven't felt safe sharing that part of themselves.

We are going to look at the power of vulnerability and what it means to be your authentic self in dating and love.

Coming from a place of self-love and worthiness helps us ride the bumps of life and love.

Week Six

We meet after a one month gap to check in with triumphs and encourage each other, as well as further solidify any relationship skills for your future.


The month break is a good chance for you to see how you go practicing the skills learnt and fine tune everything.


Then you're ready to shine in relationships forever!

Reunion Week

(one month later)

Included: Participants can email or text between sessions for dating advice and support.


Additional individual sessions of 30 minutes can be booked with Phoebe for $150. Individual sessions can support you between group sessions with dating or to work more deeply on your attachment patterns and schemas.

Additional Support

Pink Blossom

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