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Why You Can Feel Safe Working With Me

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

If you are anything like me, you may have some healthy scepticism about working with a relationship coach. I had plenty of questions and concerns about what their training was, and if they could truly help me- a woman on a mission to find a stable love. And then it dawned on me that I could look to my own profession, Clinical Psychology, to assist me. I had asked peers if they knew any relationship coaches; at best, they didn’t, and at worst they told me stories of clients not being helped by these practitioners.

Surely, there was someone out there who could help me find love, as doing it on my own hadn’t been too successful (despite so many good intentions). I am fully self-disclosing here as I am anti-shame; I needed relationship help for me; I am helpful to clients, but needed help seeing my own patterns more clearly and not repeating them. At 37 years old, it was more important to me than ever, that I experience a healthy relationship and the love I longed for. The reality is most of us are at the whim of our conditioning and childhood trauma, and can go into relationships quite blindly. I was saying no to this- I needed to get equipped and informed.

So, I started seeing a psychologist who practiced Schema Therapy, and also sought out a fellow Clinical Psychologist who used Schema Therapy in her Relationship Coaching practice, working exclusively with female therapists. And it was only within a few months of intense work that my world transformed. I started to listen more to my heart and my body, and trusting that I knew good relationship common sense. Instead of being at the whim of emotions and chemistry, I was being more thoughtful and deliberate, and more able to soothe myself along the bumps of dating.

So, this is why you can feel safe and at ease working with me:

  1. I have done the self-work and continue to do so. I am committed to this.

  2. Therapy helped me see the way out of my relationship patterns, and it has allowed me to see a clear roadmap to help clients.

  3. I have years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist- so I use evidence-based practices that work, and bring this to Relationship Coaching.

  4. I am authentic and real, warm and direct. I will be there for you as you date. I know how it feels.

  5. I will develop a personalised plan for you; it uses Schema Therapy and it works; there are clear pathways and strategies to heal relationship patterns once we identify what they are

  6. I love what I do and feel passionate about helping women glow in their relationships

  7. As my coach said to me “I know how love feels”- I carry that wisdom inside of me, and will share it with you.

  8. My work is grounded in self-acceptance and self-compassion and I see the value in helping you be as authentically you as possible.

  9. My program details are online and transparent. Contact me with any questions.

  10. There are no false promises; Whilst there is no guarantee that you can find love working with me (I don’t think any coach should promise you a thing), you will develop more confidence and clarity in the dating process and fall more in love with you.

You can find me in Randwick, and I also do this work online.


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