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Founder of The Relationship Space and Clinical Psychologist, Couples Counsellor, and Women’s Dating and Relationship Coach.


I help women find the loving connection they long for and build more intimacy in their relationships.


I do this via Schema Therapy and Coaching for women (read more about that here), Couples Therapy and good old fashioned pragmatic advice. I also run an online group for women who want healthy relationships.

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You’re in the right place if:

-You find yourself wishing that relationships were easier for you

-You find yourself expecting you’d have found the love of your life by now

-You find yourself questioning if your current relationship the right one for you

Like many women I work with, you’re tired from dating on the apps and putting yourself out there. Perhaps you’re considering stopping altogether. You’ve been riding the highs and lows of meeting matches, and feeling the disappointment of love not eventuating for you. And these disappointments leave you wondering if it will ever happen for you. Or even worse, you are questioning that there is something wrong with you.


Or like many women I work with, you’re frustrated with how you seem to attract emotionally unavailable partners and end up losing yourself, and eventually the relationship. And all you long for is a happy, secure relationship. I understand these feelings all too well, having been there myself.

It is possible to have a happy and healthy relationship
(the one you still dream of)

With the right guidance and support, it is possible to date without anxiety and radiate with confidence. And it is possible to cultivate a relationship that is secure, loving, playful and intimate. It requires a few simple ingredients, including self-awareness, self-love, and a bit of courage.


The good news is you can change your path at any point. My own journey with dating, love and relationships is testament to this. I found the way forward by following the skills within Schema Therapy and Coaching. I am now thriving in life and love, and help other women do the same. Imagine a life where you feel supported by and connected to your partner and the days of dating can become a distant memory.

Why work

with Phoebe:

I’ve helped countless others find love

(and was my own guinea pig first)


I work with single and partnered women, and offer individual and couples work.

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