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The Relationship Space presents:
The Intuitive Dating Journal
The Ultimate Dating Companion for Empathic Women

Learn how to shift patterns that block love, navigate the world of dating apps with ease, and tune into your innate intuition when it comes to finding

(and keeping) true love.


This guided journal will support you to mindfully reflect on your dating patterns and partner preferences, so that you can access your wisdom, pursue an aligned partner, and attract a secure relationship

Do you notice yourself...

Feeling anxious about using dating apps
Becoming increasingly nervous as the date approaches
Instantly checking your phone after a date
Losing hope about finding an aligned partner

Our deep longing to find love coupled with past dating disappointments can actually block us having clarity and pursuing the right match. However, these journal prompts will give you the insights you need to restore dating confidence and belief in finding love.


Learn how to clarify your relationship values, navigate dating apps, spot red flags early on, and listen to your gut so that you can date and build connection with healthy dating prospects.


The Intuitive Dating Journal: The Ultimate Dating Companion For Empathic Women


Set your dating journey up for success by spending just a few minutes journaling, before and after your dates.

This journal is ideal for any woman who wants to have greater access to her own intuition so that she can date with confidence and clarity.


The 60+ page PDF journal will be delivered straight to your inbox.

You can directly type your responses into the journal, or print out and write.

Part 1:
Preparing For Dating Success

In this section of the journal you’ll learn to:

  • Reflect upon your dating history to clarify any blocks to finding love

  • Discover what really matters to you in a partner

  • Clarify your relationship direction, desires, and dreams

Part 2:
Navigating Dating Apps

In this section of the journal you’ll learn to:

  • Navigate dating apps and apply a healthy mindset to dating

  • Develop an authentic profile that attracts the right type of person

  • Communicate in the early stages with ease

Part 3:
Refining Your Dating Intiution

In this section of the journal you’ll learn to:

  • Listen to your body’s feedback to identify red flags

  • Clarify your feelings and intentions about a potential partner

  • Relax your nervous system and develop self-trust in your dating decisions

About Phoebe:

I am a Clinical Psychologist, Couples Therapist and Women’s Dating and Relationship Coach. However, there is an important story behind my journey to where I am today.

I loved and continue to love helping others find love, however, this was something missing in my own life for a long-time.

I always longed for a healthy, loving relationship, but often wondered if I’d get there. After one final, painful breakup, I went searching for answers, and found healing in Schema Therapy and inner child work.


Once I healed my own wounds and learnt how to soothe my own anxious attachment, it was as if everything fell into place. I have turned my own life lesson into helping others find love.


I live with my partner and our puppy in Sydney, and am grateful for this life.

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